Making Rabbit Tracks

There once was a lady who lived in an ecovillage. Then one day she drove away. This is what happens next.

Cooking on a Wood Stove

Originally written for The March Hare, Dancing Rabbit‘s blog Mathematically speaking, one of the ways to conserve any resource is to use it as many times as possible before it is no longer useable. That’s the “reuse” in the old (and really great) maxim “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” We usually think of reusing objects, like shopping…

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Intentional Community in a Nutshell

6 Things You Can Do to Live Like a (Dancing) Rabbit

It’s great that the people who live at Dancing Rabbit are having a much less disruptive impact on the global environment than most USians. Kind of the point of DR, though, is to be an example of what others can do to also be nicer to the planet. Here’re some things you (non Rabbit) can…

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Why Bother?

Hey, it’s been a while. We took a trip out to DR and then I had both health issues and a surge in work load. I’d tell you all about it, but I remember a line from the wall paper in one of my high school best friend’s bathroom. It said, “Don’t tell your friends…

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Why I Left (Part 5)

What could I do? Convince everyone that we needed unified purpose? That we should have clearer rules and consequences? Eco police? Much stricter membership selection? A small body to decide what the objective is and how to achieve it? and an agreement to live with those rules and consequences or leave the community? It would…

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Sam Wise Rabbit, Defender of Turtlekind

I didn’t post that I was going to visit DR because it was a surprise for Cob and he reads this blog. (Hi Cob!) But I’m here now. Have been for more than a week. I’ll tell you more about it later. For now, a picture. The drain pipe for the Bay of Ralph has…

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Why I Left (Part 4)

There was talk of “valuing diversity”: diversity of commitment to sustainable living, diversity of ability and willingness to operate well in a consensus environment, and diversity of understanding of exactly what it means to live sustainably or operate cooperatively in a consensus environment. I did not share that value. I would rather have had a…

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Why I Left (Part 3)

One big advantage, I thought, to DR having a clear goal, strategies, and tactics that could not be ignored without predictable consequence or changed without board-level initiative, would be that people who did not want to work toward that goal in those ways would not choose to live at DR and participate in the decision…

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Why I Left (Part 2)

What I really wanted to do was quietly create a plan for DR. I wanted to set an objective, design a clear path toward that objective, and move along that path. All by myself, in a consensus-based community. (This is where you laugh, and begin to understand my dilemma.) That’s not always how I roll…

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Why I Left (Part 1.5)

As I was lying in bed this morning, thinking about the “Why I Left” series I wrote yesterday, it occurred to me that while what I wrote is honest and makes sense, it doesn’t tell the whole, human, story. While you’re reading this series, I want you to keep in mind that all that philosophy…

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